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The Feet Are Something That Spend All Day Under Body Weight Load

The problem with tension in the muscles and tendons in the feet is that it affects your gait.

Moving up through the muscles from the calf, to the thigh and up to the lower back, this chain reaction can lead to a number of inconsistencies. 

If you learn how to look after your feet, you can learn to prevent all sorts of issues later on. Using the trigger point ball and a stretching routine, we're going to take a few key areas to keep you on track!

Jay Hill

Jay Hill

Jay is passionate about understanding the links between the structures of the body and the way it functions in everyday life. He has experienced the advantages of treating the body as a unit when examining, diagnosing and helping the tissues to resolve and repair damage. He appreciates that all levels of pain and dysfunction can have far reaching effects on every aspect of life.
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