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Knee Pain

End Daily Knee Pain, Improve Your Mobility And Restore Health - Without Medication or Injections and Without Having to Wear A Knee Brace!

Have You Got a Sore Knee(s)?

The humble knees get more than their fair share of stress and strain during our daily lives – from supporting our weight to absorbing impact and enabling us to twist, turn, jump, and bend our way through life.

But what happens when that stress gets too much, or things go wrong because of an injury? And how can Osteopathy help?

When it comes to injury, many things can go wrong with the knees, especially if you're into sports, from catastrophic knee dislocations and torn cruciate ligaments to meniscus tears and fractured kneecaps. But you don't have to suffer an injury to have knee problems. Knee pain is one of the most common complaints in the Osteoworks clinic, and the cause is different for every patient.

Sometimes knee pain is caused by medical conditions like osteoarthritis or bursitis and tendonitis. But knee pain is primarily a postural problem caused by wear and tear in various body parts and an imbalance of weight between your left and right sides.

For you, knee pain could be mildly uncomfortable. For others, severe and unrelenting knee pain, instability, and feeling like their knees are going to “give way” leaves them unable to do all the things they love.

The pain is there every time you bend or straighten your legs – and it seems to get worse when you get into bed and try to sleep. Exercise aggravates it but sitting at your desk hurts too. So the gym and playing sport are out of the question – and you're popping pain pills every couple of hours to get through the day. The pain consumes every waking moment and stops you from doing everything you love.

Does This Sound Like You?

If it does, don’t worry.

Osteopathy can help you get your life back.

We see treat patients with knee pain all the time. It’s one of the most common pain problems we see in the OSTEOWORKS clinic.

“But Why is This Happening to Me?”...


Why Do I Still Have Knee Pain When I Have Been Resting And Taking It Easy For 6 Months+?”

Everyone has sore knees sometimes (especially past a certain age), right? Wrong. Your knees should be flexible, pain-free, and stable, regardless of age. But whether you're young or old or somewhere in between, the pain won't just disappear if you leave it. It's tempting to believe it will if you rest and take it easy. But in our experience, it doesn't. Instead, in most cases, the pain gets worse.

Have You Had Knee Pain For More Than Seven Days?

If you’ve had knee pain for longer than a week, you’ve probably already been to see your GP. They likely told you to rest, take anti-inflammatories and take it easy. Then escorted you out of their office with the age-old, “Come back and see me if it doesn’t get better”.

Unfortunately, most of the patients we see end up back in their doctor's office (before they come to us). They told them to take more painkillers and get more rest because things didn't get better.

If You’ve Been Putting Up With Knee Pain For A Long Time, You’re Not Alone. We Hear These Types Of Statements From Patients all the time

  • "I thought the pain would go in time, but it just didn't."
  • "I went to the Doctor, and they told me it was just getting old or arthritis."
  • "I tried exercising through the pain, but it got even worse."
  • "I saw a surgeon, but he said surgery was the last resort, and he would only operate when I couldn't stand the pain any longer."
  • I tried to rest if longer, even took time off the gym and work, but the pain is still the same”

Do These Statements Sound Familiar to You?

If they do, you don't have to endure knee pain indefinitely. We can help.

To find out whether Osteopathy is suitable for you. Why not start with a Free Telephone Consultation with one of our Osteopaths to talk about the knee issues you're experiencing and get some free advice on the best treatment.

Just click the link to request your free call. We'll be in touch ASAP to arrange an appointment at a date and time that suits you. These calls are free – with zero financial investment on your part. But we only offer a limited number of them each month, so don't delay. Book yours now.

What Can I do to Get Rid of My Knee Pain Now?

If you have been in pain for a while, there is no immediate fix. It takes time. But you can reduce your pain and discomfort with these tips:

  • First, you need to make sure you’re hydrated. When your body is dehydrated, it is prone to stiffness, aches, and pains. So, drinking water won't cure your knee pain. But, ensuring you're well-hydrated every day can go a long way toward reducing the severity of your symptoms.
  • Next, try using heat therapy or an ice pack. Heat and cold can help reduce inflammation and pain in your knees. Don't worry too much about which one to choose. Both are beneficial for knee pain. Choose the one that feels the most relaxing and comforting to you.
  • Get up and moveWhen you sit with your knees bent for long periods, the “hinges”, which are what our knee joints are - get stiff. All the muscles and connective tissues around the knee get stressed and become tight and inflexible. So, rather than sit all day at work – get up and move around at regular intervals to ensure your knees aren't bent and locked into an uncomfortable position for too long.
  • Get expert, “hands-on” OsteopathyThe best way to reduce your pain and discomfort and get rid of knee pain for good is to start regular Osteopathic treatment.

If you would like to learn how the Osteopaths at Osteoworks can help you correct your posture and help you get rid of neck and shoulder pain, you can book a Free Discovery Session at the Kangaroo Point clinic to meet the team, view our facilities and talk to us about your knee issues.

So the next question is:

How Can Choosing to See An Osteopath at OSTEOWORKS Help You Get Rid of Your Knee Pain - In The Next Few Days?

Here’s just a few of the things our Specialist Physical Therapy team can do for you:

  • We can help you find the root cause of your knee pain, simplify the cause, and explain exactly what’s going on – in as little as 20 minutes.
  • We teach you how to set up a Daily Ritual to help you increase strength and flexibility and prevent knee issues in the future.
  • We show you how to stand, walk and move with your weight balanced equally between your body's left and right sides.
  • We remove the need for you to take pain medication and anti-inflammatories and protect your long-term health.
  • We help prevent you from having to undergo dangerous spinal surgery.
  • We help you get back to doing what you love most – without worrying about painful muscle spasms or debilitating knee pain.

If you want to find out how much Osteopathy costs – or what availability we have at our Kangaroo Point clinic, please click the link, and complete the form. We’ll get back to you with costs and availability.

Knee Pain

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