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Our osteopaths just love restoring mobility and pain free activity to people aged 40's, 50's, 60's and over. We have helped over 15,000 Brisbane people so far, ranging from athletes to post surgical mobility. You can be assured we have seen many people just like you who have had a great experience getting rid of pain and learning that pain free life is the best type of life.

In fact, being able to enjoy the things you love the most, and not fearing another injury or painful experience would be the most satisfying thing to be given. Complete confidence in your body and how it will respond to activities and a roadmap to help better your health.

Just like you, we have all tried the wait and hope method for pain relief. You can take the old idea that it might need some rest, and there are definitely instances where this applies. But what happens when days pass, which should have been enough or worse still weeks or months?

We also know how easy it can be taking pain killers or anti inflammatory medication to get through the pain or mask the symptoms while you wait, but these can have long term effects on your health. And is it getting you anywhere better for your pain or injury?

Or perhaps you have tried Osteopathy, or another health practitioner and it has not helped. Or even made it worse! It can be very confusing to navigate through health care, and the advice from friends and family as to which direction to take.

Can you relate to these?

Our osteopaths hear many things from our patients, and there are some things we commonly hear:

☹️Thought the pain would go in time, but it just didn't

☹️ Went to the Doctor, and he told me it was just getting old or arthritis pains

☹️ Tried exercising through the pain, but it got worse

☹️ Tried to see surgeon, but he only wanted to operate when i couldn't stand it any longer

☹️ Tried to rest it longer, even took time off activities or work and it still is about the same pain levels

Osteoworks Osteopaths are different

For starters, our osteopaths have had years of helping people STAY active, and it has been our experience the best program includes keeping you doing what you love and taking that as our highest priority.

Secondly, you will have a roadmap for your progress so we can both see the direction and how long to expect results. We are adaptable to your life and can fit in how it needs to look for your best outcomes.

Thirdly, we will not leave you on a machine, use any special new age devices yet to be proven, or leave you with someone else to do the work. Our osteopaths are hands on from the first consultation and will explain everything to your satisfaction. Only then will we proceed...

We promise you will not be disappointed with your consultation.

Osteoworks Osteopaths are different

It is our goal to give you the tools and knowledge to make you feel better than ever before.

❌5 Minute appointments
✔️ 30 Minute + appointments

❌ Tunnel vision
✔️ Holistic approach

❌ Practitioner not listening?
✔️ Individualised treatment and goal setting

❌ Confused about your injury?
✔️ Clear and concise explanation

❌ Recovery stalled?
✔️ Help to get healthy, then stay healthy

Every BODY will react differently to treatment, however it is up to you and the Osteopath to make a decision about how to best move forward.

❌ Hooked up to a machine? ✔️ Hands on treatment
❌ Made to feel guilty? ✔️ Judgement free care
❌ More than one patient per room?      ✔️ One patient, one practitioner
❌ No take home exercise?                ✔️ Specific exercise prescription
❌ Not involved with the process?   ✔️ Mutual decision making

Begin you osteopath journey

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You may not feel ready to book straight away, and that is OK.

We can organise to answer your questions or even have an Osteopath ring to have a quick chat first.

Message us here to find out how we can help you today...

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