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Why Exercising is Equally Important as Rest When You’re Sick

In the past, we haven't spoken much about general health and wellness.

This week amidst the cold and flu season, we're going to explore why exercising is important - even if you're unwell.

Generally when you're sick, you may have very little energy, you don't want to eat or move around too rigorously.

Lack of energy is attributed to our body diverting energy away towards our immune system. This is so that it can fight off the infection faster and as a result, we have less energy than normal to do the things that we may do with ease when we're at full health.

It's still important to exercise because we still have our lymphatic system which relies on pressure to help it to drain. That pressure comes from blood flow and deeper breathing. Getting up and moving around allows us to deep breather and increases our circulation.

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