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The Osteoworks Difference

"A single part of your body doesn't fail on its own..." 

Dr John White


When people have pain, they don't realise that something can't fail on its own. For you to have a failed tissue, a muscle soreness or a ligament strain - something else has let that happen. 

For that to have happened, there has to have been a build-up to that point. So the injury or pain itself is the final straw for your body saying, "I've had enough!" The next level on that is, who is good enough to find where the original problem started? - Someone who has an understanding of where failures start. 

It comes back to an area that was failing well before the pain came. It's what makes our team here at Osteoworks exceptional - is that we're looking for where it started, how it started and how we can stop that from coming back again?

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