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Increase Ankle Power & Mobility – Easily!

This week, we're going to take a look at ankle mobility.

In particular, dorsiflexion - which is the forward and backward bending of the foot when you're walking. Having restricted dorsiflexion can have an affect up the back of the leg, into the knee and also into the hip and lower back areas. 

In particular, looking back at a few power lifters who have struggled to get deeper and stronger in their squats. Once we've gone through their treatments and ruled out any potential knee, hip and lower-back issues, what we've discovered is a lot of them have lack of ankle mobility when getting deeper into the squat and producing more power when driving back up out of the squat. 

This is also very common in runners - due to impact and compression around the ankle area. 

I'm going to show you two very easy exercises that you can try at home that will definitely help in freeing up your ankle area extremely quickly!

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