The Osteoworks 6-Minute Workout

August 11, 2021

What's the #1 reason people don't exercise?

The perception of how much time it takes out of their day.

Here's 3 basic exercises that work the most effective muscle groups in your body and if done correctly and regularly, are little effort for a big reward.

Exercise 1: The Squat

The squat will utilise the most muscles in your body for a single exercise, while also improving your flexibility. Here are 4 reasons you should introduce the squat into your week.

  1. Tones your entire body
  2. Maintains mobility and balance
  3. Efficiently burns fat
  4. Makes every-day real life activities and movement easier

Exercise 2: Shoulder Mobility Exercise

Every time you decide to move your arms, no matter what, your shoulders will get involved. Whether its vigorous exercise at the gym, for reaching for something off of the shelf, the moment occurs along the line of the joints that originate from your shoulder.

Why Shoulder mobility matters:

  1. Affects your posture
  2. Affects your lung capacity
  3. Affects the strength and mobility of surrounding muscle groups including chest, neck and the upper-back region

Take some weight off your shoulders by improving your mobility. Here's an extremely easy exercise that will work your entire shoulder area.


Exercise 3: Back Extension Exercise

Your back, quite literally is the backbone of your body's wellbeing.

This exercise focuses on the importance of building and maintaining the back muscle group.

Your back muscles are comprised of 3 main areas

  1. Upper-back
  2. Mid-back
  3. Lower-back

Why you should strengthen your back's muscle group:

  1. ‍Increase your body's ability to maintain good posture
  2. ‍Greatly reduce chance of back pain and injury
  3. ‍A strong lower back means a strong core, as both muscle groups work hand-in-hand
  4. ‍Makes every-day real life activities and movements easier and safer

Here's a back exercise that will improve the last part of the back, while also teaching your body how to move stably and safely.

Dr John White

February 14, 2021

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