Why we do what we do

We're committed to helping you perform
at your peak beyond the treatment room.

Functional Wellness Brisbane

We make sure that you can feel better than you ever have before.

Brisbane Osteopath


Osteopathy Brisbane

Osteopathy is probably the most complete of the modern-day manual medicines, taking into account all factors of your problem and addressing factors that can be changed within and outside of the consultation.

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Upon your first visit

we will determine

Body Mechanics
what an osteo does
how long it takes to recover
how you can treat an injury
how many treatments osteopath
how an osteopath helps you
how often should you see an osteopath

Massage Therapy

massage therapy kangaroo point

In many cases massage is sufficient to deal with many muscular ailments, and our therapists are highly trained to recognise these conditions and where further help may be needed.

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We'll get in there

Sports Massage Brisbane city


acupuncture brisbane

Acupuncture has been used extensively in the East for at least 2000 years to successfully treat a wide range of evolving diseases, even to the point that many Hospitals in China consist of an Acupuncture Ward.

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Traditional Chinese Medicine

Chinese Medicine includes:

best acupuncture brisbane city

Functional Rehabilitation

functional rehabilitation brisbane

Whether it's a minor or major injury - or something just doesn't feel quite right, It isn't all about sheer strength or flexibility.

It's about learning how your body works, so that you can perform in the best possible way.

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Let's set you up for success

What to expect

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functional strength brisbane
flexibility strength training brisbane


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Who we are

John White Osteopath

Dr John White

Registered Osteopath

After many years of treating injuries with a great deal of success, John decided to create another branch of Osteoworks

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Rebecca Edwards Osteopath

Dr Rebecca Edwards

Registered Osteopath

Bec has suffered a variety of setbacks in training through various injuries, and it is through osteopathy that she has overcome many of these injuries.

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Chris Jensen Osteopath

Dr Chris Jensen

Registered Osteopath

It is through the techniques of soft tissue massage, manipulation and myofascial release that Chris can restore balance to your body.

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Chris Devenish Osteopath

Dr Jay Hill

Registered Osteopath

In addition to his strong background in sports injury and rehabilitation, Chris has a special interest in acute/chronic lower back and neck problems as well as musculo-skeletal instances.

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Leah Madden Osteopath

Dr Leah Madden

Registered Osteopath

Leah uses a wide range of techniques such as soft tissue massage, joint mobilisation and manipulation, myofascial release and stretching to help her patients achieve the best results.

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Ryan Mulvahil Acupuncturist

Dr Mark Parfitt

Registered Osteopath

Mark works with patients from all aspects of life. Whether it is postural strains from office work, strains from heavy duty manual work to elderly mobility or physical fatigue.

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Peta Payne Massage Therapist

Ryan Mulvahil

Acupuncturist & Massage Therapist

Utilising his personal understanding of many injuries and conditions, he has been able to treat each individual with knowledge and empathy.

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Vicki Harrison Osteoworks

Peta Payne

Massage Therapist

Peta studied her Diploma of Remedial Massage at the Australian College of Natural Medicine and has been part of the Osteoworks since 2009.

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Peta Payne Massage Therapist

Kirralee Hanlon


Vicki Harrison Osteoworks

Riley Keane


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