Latissimus Dorsi Tension Release for Better Posture

August 11, 2021

Today we're looking at two stretches for the latissimus dorsi (or the lats).

A lot of our clients who come in are desk-based, who spend up to 8 hours (or more) a day seated at the computer.

If they don't have the strength to sustain that posture, other muscles start to kick in to provide more stability and support - one of which is the lats.

The problem with this is, that the lats are designed for large, powerful movements - opposed to a sustained tension. 

If they start to brace to provide stability for the lumbar and mid-back, they fatigue and tighten extremely quickly.

This can add either back pain, shoulder compression, rolled shoulders and even neck pain. Before we can strengthen the lower and mid-back, we need to make sure that any tension within the lats is released.

This week, I will take you through two exercises in order to help relieve any tension caused by the lats kicking in when they shouldn't!

Dr John White

February 14, 2021

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