Our 4 reasons why having better posture means a better lifestyle.

August 11, 2021

Yes, we've heard it all before.

Sit up straight, walk tall, breathe deeply, don't slouch, don't roll your shoulders.

Putting in effort to have decent posture has many benefits. Try these this week - here are 4 key reasons why bettering your posture will better your lifestyle

1. Breathe Better

An upright posture means greater airflow through your cardiopulmonary system. Opening your chest means a greater breath of fresh air - literally.

2. Posture equals personal appearance & overall confidence

This is when the term "stand tall" comes into play. f you consciously sit and stand taller - naturally, you will experience soaring levels of confidence and project greater feelings of confidence and strength.

3. Hello good posture, goodbye back pain

Slouching can reduce tone and increase stress levels on the spine and muscles throughout the back and neck area. If you fix bad posture, your neck and back will look after themselves - it's that simple.

4. Become more productive with better posture

By reminding yourself to sit upright, this becomes a cue for alertness, concentration and overall productivity. Slouching closes up your diaphragm, lowering oxygen intake by up to 30%! Sit & stand taller, become more alert and get more done.

Dr John White

February 14, 2021

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