Dr Dylan Sorensen

Dr Dylan Sorensen

Dylan is passionate about understanding the reason behind pain, exploring acute injuries, bodily functions and even lifestyle factors that can be addressed to give a long term resolution of pain.

He has the belief that a non-judgemental approach to every individual is necessary to create a partnership between patient and Osteopath.

Dylan appreciates that everyone has a different goal, from simply keeping pain at bay to long term fitness/health goals.

Together, you and Dylan will go through a series of movements and testing to highlight areas of improvement. Then Dylan will explain a treatment plan for helping your tissues to recover. Once you are comfortable with the treatment plan, a combination of techniques will be utilised where appropriate, including mobilisation, activation, trigger point, massage or manipulation.

He has a keen interest in health and fitness in all its forms, and is currently training on the Australian Men's Bobsleigh team, meaning he does spend his summers overseas! Outside of work you can find him training, learning something new (currently app development), exploring new cooking recipes or relaxing with his mates. He graduated with a Masters in Health Science (Osteopathy) from Victoria University in Melbourne.

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